You can never underestimate the importance of your company’s reputation and presentation. When people see you as an established nation-wide company, your value increases in their eyes. Of course, the substance of what you offer is what will keep them coming back for more; but your outward appearance is essential in marketing your business. This is where a free toll free forwarding number can help.

Studies have shown that simply placing a free toll free number (especially with the universally recognizable “800” prefix) on your ads drastically increases orders. Estimates say that you can boost the number of orders by as much as 20-30%. It also helps you to reduce the return rate on your products. When people know that they can easily call you, they’re less likely to send something back; instead, they’ll call up and talk to a customer service rep.

Your Professional Image

One of the main benefits to having a free toll free number is to present a more credible, professional image for your company. Most people have no idea that getting a toll free number is as easy as contacting a service provider and paying a nominal fee for it. They think that only giant companies can have 800 numbers. By showing a more professional image, you can greatly increase your company’s sales.

Staying Ahead Of Competitors

Getting an 800 number isn’t done to deceive the public but rather to stay competitive. Since they’re so easy to get now and cost so little, even small companies now use them. When customers are shopping for a service and they’re comparing a company with a toll free number to yours (which has none), this can make the crucial difference.

Better Customer Service

A free toll free number gives your company much better service. It shows that you’re accessible and responsive to customer needs. Also, by footing the bill when they want to call you, it shows that you’re generous. They know that their service is valuable to you.

A U.S. Home For Your Business

Many companies that are based outside of the country use a free toll free number to look like an American company. Again, it’s not about deceiving your customers, but simply removing risk factors from their minds. If they see that you’re an international business when they first encounter your company, this can turn them off. Even though most companies now operate internationally and borders don’t mean what they used to, lots of ordinary people still have reservations about giving their money to overseas businesses.

A free toll free number is a valuable tool for increasing sales, and it doesn’t matter how small your company is. Any company of any size can benefit by having their own 800 number. These days it is cheap and easy to get one.